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Friday, November 5, 2010

Where did my picture go?

Well I have been at the kennel for about 2 weeks, and I finally get home, and get to my MOM'S computer - What do I find? Where's MY picture? This is called Loops Thoughts is it not? I wonder where the picture went? Into the void? Still not quite sure how all this computer stuff works. But I must say for a WONDERFUL Canine like me I know alot more than other dogs. Half of them can't even turn the computer on!! I can turn it on & find the right time to use it when my MOM won't notice!! Pretty spectacular if you ask me. Well I am going to try to post my picture real quick. I will try to get back to the computer this weekend so I can tell you all about my little stay at the Kennel. It was actually pretty fun, but I did miss sleeping in my MOM'S bed w/ all the soft blankets.Remember as always I send all dogs & humans alike PEACE & LOVE ALWAYS. Loops

Sunday, September 26, 2010

michael jackson billy jean

September 26th

Well La has been a little under the weather lately so we haven't been doing much. I would like to get out a bit more!! Hey I'm young 3 yrs. old. I have lady canines to meet, and just some other guys. I mean I love La, but I am surrounded by women. My sister Rosie is cool, but she's still a girl. I want to run around in the dirt and play tug a war w/ a fellow male canine. Even my Mom (La) has gotten out some - and like I said she's been under the weather. I drove her a little crazy this AM so that she would want to get me out and about! I hope it worked. We will see later today or tomorrow. I must say I have taken very good care of her! I have slept right beside her every night to make sure she is breathing okay. She's had cold/cough/allergies AND she has asthma so I wanted to stay close. She does the same for me. I found a way to get on YOUTUBE!! So I haven't been too bored. I saw this guy Michael Jackson - WOW!! I could watch his videos all day. I'm pretty sure La will be fine w/ my YOUTUBE actions because I am pretty sure she likes that Mr. Jackson too. They even have other dogs w/ their own videos. I think I would like a video.I better not push it though. I looked at lots of videos the other day! I'm going to try and post a few, but as I've said before it takes some time since "no opposable thumbs". Have no fear. I will conquer and get at least one video posted. Well La is looking at me a little funny so I better go! Hey all you canines out there be careful it's still really hot & humid outside so drink LOTS of water. Peace & Love Always, LOOPS (HOW DO YOU LIKE MY MUG?)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello everyone, it has been a long time!! Sorry about that. I just realized that my profile is the same as my owner's. (my Lala or Mom) Now you know I love my Mom, but we are not the same. For starters she's a human! I am a wonderful canine. And where did my picture go? Well I'll try to get all of this worked out. Things have just been a little crazy lately. One thing that's great though is the weather is starting to cool off a little. YEAH!! Time to spend more time outside in my awesome backyard. The summer was just so hot that all Rosie & I wanted to do was stay inside and nap on any cool surface. But I think it is time to get back out and run around. Peace & Love Always!! Loops Youngblood

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello sorry I have been out of touch again. But it is hard to type without opposable thumbs!! I am working on a good topic that I hope to have up soon. I must admit Rosie - she is my older sister and she is helping me - LOTS!!! So we should be getting back on schedule in the next couple of days. Hope you will check back in.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tune Up - Wednesday,July 14

Tune Up - Wednesday,July 14

Hope all my fellow canines are hangin in there w/ this HOT & HUMID weather. La (or known as best mom ever) is at the Lake in Chapin right now. I sure wish I was near some WATER!! This kennel (breeding farm) for minature ponies is fun & all, but Rosie & I have been here on and off for the past 2 1/2 weeks and we are ready to get our Momma wrapped back around around paws!! We do miss her alot!!! Hope all you muts & ladies are feelin alright (Traffic)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Well I guess hell froze over last night. It has actually been a beautiful day!!! Oh I wish it could stay this nice for the rest of the summer. YEAH - like that would ever happen. I am sure by Monday I will be back to wishing I had my own indoor bathroom. (just like my Mom's Lala) well I think I'll chill & enjoy my new JUMBONE until it's time to go get in the big bed for the night. Still not much going on, but I kinda like it that way. I think Lala does too.
Peace & Love Always LOOPS

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well not much to report. It's too HOT!! I haven't even heard the humans talk about wanting to go outside. If I had my own indoor bathroom you better believe I would use it! Lala, that's my owner, family ,or maybe I should just say that's my awesome MOM!! Well don't get me wrong - I LOVE HER , but she's into this new habit of brushing me and Rosie EVERYDAY. She also vacuums EVERYDAY. Oh lordy the woman got a new vacuum cleaner and you would think it was a bone or something wonderful because she uses nonstop. She's gone a little nuts about the dog hair. Well things have been pretty chill at my house the past couple of days except for the new Vacuum. So I am going back to bed. Rosie and I may not be outside but we are still exhausted from the HEAT. Hope all you dogs out there are staying cool and not spending to much time outside.
Peace & Love Always LOOPS

Friday, June 25, 2010

Well I must learn to speak! My "owner" just posted a comment about her trip. Which don't get me wrong I'm glad she had a nice time in Costa Rica, but this is my blog right? I had to stay here with the humidity and thunderstorms. I really did miss her, but Rosie kept me company. We watched lots of Law & Order. We have gotten kind of addicted to the show. La watches it when she is home w/ us. I guess I shouldn't give her a hard time because she does spend alot of time at home w/ us. I think we may have her wrapped around our paws. Please don't tell her that. We don't want her to stop w/ all the treats and toys!! I must go for now. I am tired. I have not taken a nap in over 2 hours! I am beat. Peace & Love Always, LOOPS.
Well I am finally home from Costa Rica. It really was beautiful. I didn't realize just how good we had it there weather wise. I never broke a sweat!!!! I do miss that awesome weather. It is hot as hell here. But I truly shouldn't complain. At least I'm back w/ the babies. And I really MISSED them.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello, well right now in Costa Rica. It is beautiful!! So green everywhere. Nice to get away to such a tropical simple place. Haven't even checked the news. Want to just live in ignorant bliss for a few days. Will be back soon. Peace & Love Always

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello everyone, I am still wondering what you think about this horrible tragedy (oil spill) I haven't been keeping up w/ this blog because I've had other things going on. I am going to Costa Rica in a few days. Maybe I'll change things up and write about my trip! I think we could all use some positive energy about now. Don't you? Well as I said before I am very new to all of this. I hope eventually I will be able to pin down what to write about & maybe get your responses. I feel it's always good to look at something in more than ONE WAY. So would love your thoughts.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Loops has been very upset today about a video he saw on the BP oil spill. GMA showed a video from under the water and it's alot worse than we even imagined. BP really needs to STEP UP!!! The divers had to wear special dry suits. (like hasmat suits) they were covered in oil and all kinds of crap. They had to be hosed off and all kinds of other stuff to make sure they weren't burned or any other awful things. Now do we really believe those poor creatures in that crap are going to be able to all survive? Please keep this tragedy in your thoughts. Maybe WE can make a miracle happen. Send love and light to all of this please. Let us know how you feel, and what you think should be done. Peace & Love always. LOOPS
This is new for us. Wish us luck