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Right now we are thinking (hopefully) we'll get back to you. Thank you, Peace & Love always.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well not much to report. It's too HOT!! I haven't even heard the humans talk about wanting to go outside. If I had my own indoor bathroom you better believe I would use it! Lala, that's my owner, family ,or maybe I should just say that's my awesome MOM!! Well don't get me wrong - I LOVE HER , but she's into this new habit of brushing me and Rosie EVERYDAY. She also vacuums EVERYDAY. Oh lordy the woman got a new vacuum cleaner and you would think it was a bone or something wonderful because she uses nonstop. She's gone a little nuts about the dog hair. Well things have been pretty chill at my house the past couple of days except for the new Vacuum. So I am going back to bed. Rosie and I may not be outside but we are still exhausted from the HEAT. Hope all you dogs out there are staying cool and not spending to much time outside.
Peace & Love Always LOOPS