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Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 26th

Well La has been a little under the weather lately so we haven't been doing much. I would like to get out a bit more!! Hey I'm young 3 yrs. old. I have lady canines to meet, and just some other guys. I mean I love La, but I am surrounded by women. My sister Rosie is cool, but she's still a girl. I want to run around in the dirt and play tug a war w/ a fellow male canine. Even my Mom (La) has gotten out some - and like I said she's been under the weather. I drove her a little crazy this AM so that she would want to get me out and about! I hope it worked. We will see later today or tomorrow. I must say I have taken very good care of her! I have slept right beside her every night to make sure she is breathing okay. She's had cold/cough/allergies AND she has asthma so I wanted to stay close. She does the same for me. I found a way to get on YOUTUBE!! So I haven't been too bored. I saw this guy Michael Jackson - WOW!! I could watch his videos all day. I'm pretty sure La will be fine w/ my YOUTUBE actions because I am pretty sure she likes that Mr. Jackson too. They even have other dogs w/ their own videos. I think I would like a video.I better not push it though. I looked at lots of videos the other day! I'm going to try and post a few, but as I've said before it takes some time since "no opposable thumbs". Have no fear. I will conquer and get at least one video posted. Well La is looking at me a little funny so I better go! Hey all you canines out there be careful it's still really hot & humid outside so drink LOTS of water. Peace & Love Always, LOOPS (HOW DO YOU LIKE MY MUG?)

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