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Right now we are thinking (hopefully) we'll get back to you. Thank you, Peace & Love always.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Well I must learn to speak! My "owner" just posted a comment about her trip. Which don't get me wrong I'm glad she had a nice time in Costa Rica, but this is my blog right? I had to stay here with the humidity and thunderstorms. I really did miss her, but Rosie kept me company. We watched lots of Law & Order. We have gotten kind of addicted to the show. La watches it when she is home w/ us. I guess I shouldn't give her a hard time because she does spend alot of time at home w/ us. I think we may have her wrapped around our paws. Please don't tell her that. We don't want her to stop w/ all the treats and toys!! I must go for now. I am tired. I have not taken a nap in over 2 hours! I am beat. Peace & Love Always, LOOPS.
Well I am finally home from Costa Rica. It really was beautiful. I didn't realize just how good we had it there weather wise. I never broke a sweat!!!! I do miss that awesome weather. It is hot as hell here. But I truly shouldn't complain. At least I'm back w/ the babies. And I really MISSED them.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello, well right now in Costa Rica. It is beautiful!! So green everywhere. Nice to get away to such a tropical simple place. Haven't even checked the news. Want to just live in ignorant bliss for a few days. Will be back soon. Peace & Love Always

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello everyone, I am still wondering what you think about this horrible tragedy (oil spill) I haven't been keeping up w/ this blog because I've had other things going on. I am going to Costa Rica in a few days. Maybe I'll change things up and write about my trip! I think we could all use some positive energy about now. Don't you? Well as I said before I am very new to all of this. I hope eventually I will be able to pin down what to write about & maybe get your responses. I feel it's always good to look at something in more than ONE WAY. So would love your thoughts.