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Friday, November 5, 2010

Where did my picture go?

Well I have been at the kennel for about 2 weeks, and I finally get home, and get to my MOM'S computer - What do I find? Where's MY picture? This is called Loops Thoughts is it not? I wonder where the picture went? Into the void? Still not quite sure how all this computer stuff works. But I must say for a WONDERFUL Canine like me I know alot more than other dogs. Half of them can't even turn the computer on!! I can turn it on & find the right time to use it when my MOM won't notice!! Pretty spectacular if you ask me. Well I am going to try to post my picture real quick. I will try to get back to the computer this weekend so I can tell you all about my little stay at the Kennel. It was actually pretty fun, but I did miss sleeping in my MOM'S bed w/ all the soft blankets.Remember as always I send all dogs & humans alike PEACE & LOVE ALWAYS. Loops

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